Sensationnel Instant Pony Wrap (Polly) Hair

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Synthetic Ponytail Sensationnel Instant Pony Wrap Polly

Pigtail/Genie ponytail style (could be finger combed to bring out spiral curl pattern) - 16" style length

  • Roll it, Pin it, Braid it! There's No Limit in Styling!
  • Safe Up to 350'F ~400'F
  • 100% Premium Fiber

The extra hair piece (attached to the pony) allows for perfect, flawless finish with natural blending of one’s own hair and ponytail. Simple structure of the ponytail makes application/placement (top, bottom, and side) easy and convenient for anyone while HRF fiber allows for divers styling (bun, updo-pinup, braid, high pony, low pony, etc.) options 

** Package includes "Free Bobby pin and hair band"

A natural and sleek ponytail that allows you to alternate placement for countless styling options!

How to Wrap:

  • Pull back into a bun or pony
  • Attach first comb
  • Roll net around
  • Attach last comb and secure with velcro
  • Wrap side section of hair around top of ponytail
  • Bobby pin to secure