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Fonio is one of the premier African superfoods and holds an honored place in West African culture. Nutritionally, it rivals any of your favorite grains! Quinoa and rice don’t stand a chance next to this super food!

There are two types, white fonio (Digitaria exilis) and black fonio (Digitaria iburua). Both types of fonio are a variety of millet grain. Full of nutrition, fonio is exactly what you need to feed your body with nutrients!

Health Benefits of Fonio

A great source of energy, fonio is rich in carbohydrates and protein. However, unlike many grains, fonio is gluten free​! This energy food is high in fiber and promotes digestive health. Additionally, fonio also aids cardiovascular health. Both white and black fonio have small seeds and are generally consumed in whole form. Research indicates that consuming whole grain reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders, including heart disease and stroke.

Great for diabetics, fonio has a low glycemic index. This means that it’s nutrients are absorbed by the body slowly, and it’s effect on blood sugar are gradual. Fonio has also been shown to have insulin secreting properties and aids the body in controlling blood sugar levels in body. Not to mention low glycemic index foods can help the body reduce food cravings while providing the necessary energy to make it through the day!

Fonio provides a rich source of:

● Carbohydrates

● Dietary Fiber

● Protein

● Iron

● Amino Acids (Methionine and Cysteine)

● Calcium

● Magnesium

● Phosphorus

Uses of White Fonio

● Culinary Use: ​Fonio is the smallest in the millet family and can be used in place of other

grains in stir-fries, baking, salads, side dishes and even pasta. Fonio can also be

used as a nutrient-dense breakfast cereal. 

● Beer​: Fonio grain can be used to brew beers!


25 oz.